Other Services Available

Our trained mechanics can assess and fix the majority of minor problems quickly and efficiently. Where a repair may take longer or require specialist parts you will be notified in advance of any remedial work being undertaken.

Brake Replacement
Our expert technicians will first check, and then replace your brakes if required. You can either book a brake replacement below, or call in for a quote.

Cambelts (Timing Belts)
Spanners Autocentres can examine and identify if a replacement is required - this is a vital requirement on most vehicles at manufacturer recommended mileages.
If the Cambelt is not replaced at the set intervals it could break and then more often than not causes expensive damage to the engine.

Exhausts and Catalytic Converters
We are highly experienced at checking and fitting exhausts! The exhaust system is constantly in use whilst the engine is running, so it's no surprise that this part of your vehicle needs constant checking. Also on all vehicles registered after 1993 a catalytic converter is fitted.

Misfuel / Fuel Drain Service
Putting the wrong type of fuel in your car (e.g. Diesel instead of Petrol) is very common and is compounded by starting the engine without noticing the mistake has been made!
Spanners Autocentres will drain, flush, and replenish fuel systems, whilst undertaking a thorough replacement and inspection, that will include the following:

- Remove mixed fuel from tank and fuel lines
- Replace fuel filter
- Adjust rear brakes
- Provide 5 litres of new fuel
- Dispose of waste fuel in accordance with environmental standards

(Possible Additional Charges)
Please do be aware that in some cases your car may have suffered additional damage to spark plugs, fuel system, and other engine or electric components. Our mechanics will be able to identify this during the process, and we will contact you to explain and ask for your permission to go ahead with any additional work required.

Diagnostic Check
Our Diagnostic Check uses the latest diagnostic equipment to plug into the engine management systems of all vehicle manufacturers. This machine connects to the ECU (Electronic Control Unit), it reads any fault codes and identifies any engine management issues.

We only use the best quality oil to look after your engine, prolong its life and run as efficiently as possible. We can easily identify the right oil for your car providing the latest engine protection technology and improved performance.

Think You Need a New Clutch?
We know from experience that it is vital to assess a vehicle before fitting a new clutch. Many symptoms which could indicate a problem with the clutch may be caused by something completely different such as engine revving, slipping fan belt or simply require some minor adjustment.
Spanners Autocentres will give you honest advice and a quote if appropriate.


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